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Renewable Energy Market Analysis Africa and Its Regions
Published in
January 2022
An energy system centered on renewable energy can help resolve many of Africa’s social, economic, health, and environmental challenges. A profound energy transition is not only feasible, but it is also essential for a climate-safe future in which sustainable development prerogatives are met. Renewables are key to overcoming energy poverty, providing needed energy services without damaging human health or ecosystems, and enabling a transformation of economies in support of development and industrialization.

Africa is extraordinarily diverse, and no single approach will advance its energy future. But efforts must be made to build modern, resilient and sustainable energy systems across the continent to avoid trapping economies and societies in increasingly obsolete energy systems that burden them with stranded assets and limited economic prospects.

This report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) sets out the opportunities at hand, while also acknowledging the challenges Africa faces. It lays out a pathway to a renewables-based energy system and shows that the transition promises substantial gains in GDP, employment, and human welfare in each region of the continent.