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Strengthening Climate Resilience
Published in
March 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of human systems and the fragility of society to systemic shocks, providing a stark reminder of the importance of building resilience into development pathways. Despite continuous warnings from scientists on the risk of a global pandemic, the level of preparedness for the COVID-19 crisis was inadequate. The same can hold true for the known risks associated with climate change.

Strengthening Climate Resilience aims to support governments of developing countries and providers of development co-operation in strengthening the resilience of human and natural systems to the impacts of climate change. This guidance highlights three overall aspirations for consideration when planning and implementing action on climate resilience (Chapter 2). It also outlines four mechanisms (Chapter 3) and three enablers (Chapter 4) in support of climate resilience.

Proposed sets of actions are provided in the form of two checklists at the end of the Executive summary. The checklists are informed by the discussion and detailed actions presented in Chapters 3 and 4. They build on the wealth of knowledge products (tools, guidelines and compilations of good practice) available to governments and development co-operation when formulating and implementing climate resilience measures.