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Theme Report on Finance and Investment
United Nations
United Nations and High Level Dialogue on Energy
Published in
September 2021
Recovering from the pandemic and building forward better towards a more climate-resilient global economy requires dramatically stepping up green finance and clean energy investments. Some three-quarters of the greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity are related to energy production, supply and use. These emissions continue to rise and the largest share remains the use of coal in the power sector, even as the cost of renewable energy has fallen to the point that traditional claims of coal being cheaper than sustainable solutions are increasingly untenable. Lack of access to clean cooking facilities is linked to 3.8 million deaths a year and pushes populations in developing economies to damage nature in search of biomass for their energy needs. Many health facilities in developing economies lack access to reliable and affordable energy to keep critical equipment and services running – an issue laid bare by the COVID-19 crisis. Lack of energy access also constrains learning opportunities for most children in low income developing economies. These are just a few examples of the damage being done by the dearth of clean and modern energy supplies in many countries.