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  • Dear Omar, Is it possible to know the name of your contractor ?

Scatec Solar (https://scatecsolar.com)

  • How has IOM’s experience been of working with the private sector- any advice for forming these types of private sector - humanitarian partnerships?

This a great experience, helpful in terms project execution and eliminating huge capital cost required for PV power plants.

It is not necessary that every organization go for power plant with battery banks, I am sure every organization will do precise facility study and choosing the best solution.

If fuel is not expensive and there is no logistical constraint some organization may only go for solar power plant without battery banks which can serve them during sunny hours. The savings (low electricity generations cost) could be used to gradually install battery banks and fully relay on solar energy.

  • At Malakal, were any other clean energy solutions considered e.g. waste-to-energy. Would this still be possible to replace the remaining diesel requirement?

Yes, we did some basic survey on geothermal, hydro power using floating turbines on river Nile and bio gas, after the assessment none of aforementioned options were matching with our requirements due to several factors particularly security, and output efficiency.

At this stage we can’t replace all generators or make everything on solar because: - Lack of space for installation of required PV modules; and - Drastic drop in savings/cost efficiency.

  • Did they do environmental impact assessements to maximise the benefits and reduce the negative impacts? and if yes what are the benefits accrued to te populations around the sites and not part of the Red Cross ..? the populations or Communities ?

The power plant is located 1km form the camp of almost 30,000 internally displaced people and around 3000 humanitarians and peace keepers we are expecting reduction 744ton of CO2 annually-accurate and documented information will be provided by end of this year. Further this project created short and long term job opportunities for the camp residents which in turn provided them chances of job site trainings and building their capacities.