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Regional Concept of Havelland-Flaeming

Title Regional Concept of Havelland-Flaeming
Year 2010
Region/Country Europe & Central Asia - Germany
Topics Biomass
Document Type Other
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Language(s) English
Abstract Climate change, increasing energy prices and exhausting of fossil fuels require a rethinking and lead to an increasing interest of use of renewable energies and accordingly bioenergy. Advantages seem obvious. Due to increased using of bioenergy, energy can be produced in an environment-friendly way, neutral to greenhouse gas emissions, and dependence of fossil fuels can be reduced. In addition, added value can be increased as well as jobs can be secured or even created within the region. Particularly in rural areas utilisation of biomass could generate a supplementary (second) income for farmer. To achieve all this effectively and efficiently, some rules and support from local and regional authorities should accompany biomass use to ensure highest benefit for environment, energy use and contributions to regional economy.