Scaling-up Strategies of Improved Cookstoves (ICS)

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Scaling-up Improved Cookstoves on the Open Market

The scheme below describes the main activities and outputs required from cooking energy projects (as listed above) in developing a market system for improved cook stoves (ICS). The activities to increase production and marketing capacity are targeted at stove producers, sales person and trainers, in order to increase the supply of improved cook stoves beyond the end of the project. Activities to increase demand are aimed at potential customers and the public sector.

In brief…
Project activities on the supply side need to ensure that more efficient, safe stoves reach the market. On the demand side, projects need to ensure that potential customers have more knowledge and awareness, which leads to an increase in the purchase and use of modern cooking energy services.

The impacts of using efficient cookstoves comprise:

  • time-saving
  • saving money through reduced fuel and health costs
  • improved health
  • improved safety
  • biomass energy conservation
  • income generation and enterprise creation.

All these impacts contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Scaling up of improved cookstoves

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This article was originally published by GIZ HERA. It is basically based on experiences, lessons learned and information gathered by GIZ cook stove projects. You can find more information about the authors and experts of the original “Cooking Energy Compendium” in the Imprint.