Solar Mini-grid Installation in Indonesia

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GIZ Indonesia, as part of EnDev Indonesia, has been supporting the sustainability of solar mini-grid (photovoltaic village power - PVVP) installations in Indonesia since 2013. As part of these efforts, capacity building initiatives for 'Village Management Team (VMT) are conducted, along with the distribution of a range of information materials (e.g. operator log book, treasurer cash book, etc). One such information material is an A0 full colour poster depicting, in the form of a flowchart, the basic operational troubleshooting steps that a PV-VP operator can perform.

The poster was designed in MSPowerPoint, in order to facilitate easy revision and translation. Current version is available in English and Bahasa Indonesia and can be dowloaded below.

Solar Mini-grid Troubleshooting Poster for Operators in Indonesia

  • The picture below shows field surveyors explaining the PV-VP troubleshooting poster to the operators at a solar mini-grid in Papua Barat, Indonesia (EnDev Indonesia, 2013)

Training the PVVP operator in Papua (EnDev Indonesia 2013).jpg
Training the PVVP operator in Papua (EnDev Indonesia 2013)

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