Solar PV Development in Landak Regency- West Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Landak Regency is located in West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia.[1]  Most of the villages in this Regency still do not have an access to national grid electricity. In the recent 10 years, local government and central government are trying to increase electrification ratio in the region by giving the villagers solar PV system. There is two type of PV systems that were distributed to the villagers: Distributed PV system and Centralized PV system.

Distributed PV system

Distributed PV system, also known as Solar Home System (SHS), is an integrated system. It consists of 1 solar panel (ranging from 50 Wp to 100 Wp), 3 LED lamps (@3watt),1 lead acid battery (12 V; 50-100 Ah), and 1 solar charger controller. One SHS was given to one household.

Until 2009, about 1189 units of distributed PV system 50 Wp were distributed to the households from various villages in Landak Regency. This project was financed from the national budget. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge about maintenance on the end user side, many of this units are broken within 1-2 years. In most of the cases are caused by over discharge of the battery. In other cases, due to economical reason, some villagers sold their battery to get fresh money. 

On 2015, another 300 SHS @80Wp were distributed to households in some villages namely Langsat, Dange Aji, Dange Pijang, Kendayan, Mua, Padang Bengawan and Lintah Bandong. This SHS grant was also supplied by central government through the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Region, and Transmigration of Republic of Indonesia

Centralized PV system

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