Solar Project for CoRSU Hospital

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Solar Project for CoRSU Hospital

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Key Data

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Uganda (CoRSU)
February 2022 - June 2023
Project Description
The project improves access to renewable energy by using solar power as a green energy source at the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services in Uganda (CoRSU) Hospital. To achieve this, a hybrid solar system with 80 kWp solar panels plus 50 kWh effective storage is installed at the hospital. This solar system provides daytime autonomy for the entire hospital plus four hours of night time back­up. These installations are supplemented by capacity building measures in the form of specialised training. Three CoRSU Hospital technicians are trained in managing, operating and maintaining the installed hybrid solar PV system at Nakawa Vocational Training Institute in Kampala. In addition, 17 CoRSU Hospital employees from key departments participate in capacity building and sensitisation workshops focused on energy efficiency and how to reduce energy consumption. Finally, the hospital itself is used as a training and demonstration institution for similar energy projects in the future.

At CoRSU Hospital a hybrid solar PV system is installed. The robust smart solar system is integrated with a captive power PV solution which allows direct consumption. In addition, a super­capacitor battery storage solution is installed to allow storage of back­up power to be used for lifesaving equipment. These batteries are cost­effective, durable and reliable. By applying load prioritization, the smart system will automatically power high priority and lifesaving infrastructure. Should CoRSU Hospital’s energy demand increase in future, the hospital is able to scale up the system to allow more energy generation (from PV) and meet future demand. Through this project CoRSU Hospital not only reduces its CO2 emissions, but also saves up to €27,000 annually in power bills. These savings are reinvested to finance specialised surgeries for children from low income communities in Uganda.
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Small Projects Fund
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