Solar for Health Project (S4H)

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Solar for Health Project (S4H)

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Key Data

Action for Rural Women Empowerment (ARUWE)
September 2021 - September 2022
Project Description
In cooperation with the District Health Officers, ARUWE identified three suitable health centres, one in Busheka, one in Kasaalu and one in Kyaabi. The project brings together all key stakeholders, including national and local government officials, health managers, PV technicians and medical professionals. After the technical installation of the systems for solar energy generation, storage and cooling, the project focuses on training the technical staff in the health centres. In several training measures, the employees are trained in the operation and maintenance of the PV systems in order to ensure their functionality beyond the project period.

The S4H project provides more reliable and efficient sources of energy which are independent from the National grid. The national grid proves often not reliable and cannot be accessed by two of the targeted health centres at all. With an off-grid renewable energy supply, rural facilities gain the reliable and unlimited power supply that they need. The solar system attracts more patients to the health centres because the system offers additional benefits of charging phones and lamps to the patients and their caretakers. Thereby, the work of the village health teams is made easier as less effort is required to convince communities to come for health services. The highest influx of people seeking health services at Kasaalu was registered during the national campaigns for mass immunisation against Covid-19. Kasaalu was the only immunisation centre in the entire Mabindo sub county because the project provided the means to run a refrigerator and solar system which guaranteed full time preservation of the vaccines. It is for this reason that the district is reconsidering Kasaalu for elevation to health centre level III (a higher level stands for a larger and better equipped health centre as well as more funds from the government).
GBE Component
Small Projects Fund
  • Gender
  • Skills Development
  • Energy Access

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Country SPF
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