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General Information

Organization Description
Private Company
Energy Solutions Offered
  • E-cooking systems
Country of Company HQ
Countries of Operation
Location of Retailers (Offices)
Uganda, Mozambique, Malawi, Nigeria, Ghana
Location of Partners (Offices)
Uganda, Nigeria
Location of Representatives (Offices)
Size of Company (Staff)
Main Activities
  • Consultancy
  • Installing
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and development
Target Customers
  • Community
  • Household
  • Organization/Infrastructure
  • Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs)
Company Turnover

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Contact and Web Resources

Contact E-mail

Reference to Past Projects

Countries of Past Project Implementation
No countries selected.
Past Project Activities
  • Capacity building and trainings
  • Distributing
  • Installing
  • Manufacturing
  • Research and development
Reference to any past experience/projects in conflict affected or displacement settings
Bidibidi refugee and host in Uganda

Kyangwali refugee settlement in Uganda Malawi (WFP) Burundi (WFP)

IDP’s Myanmar