Sub-Sahara Africa Electricity End User Tariffs

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This web page was created to provide information on electricity end user tariffs in different African countries. All users of energypedia are invited to insert updated and relevant information for their respective countries. 

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Electricty End User Tariffs in Africa

Source Link Noteworthy
Burkina Faso
SONABEL webpage on electricity tariffs

Cabo Verde
Agência de Regulação Económica (ARE)
ARE Electricity Tariffs
Updated every few months, for latest tariff click on link in previous column
Ghana Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC)

PURC tariffs

2018 approved electricity tariffs

Tariffs as of March 2018, recent reduction from 2017 tariffs - Energy charges (per kWh):

(Averages for customer category. 1USD ~ 4.46GHS)
Residential (plus 5% levies)

  • Res. 0-300 kWh: 0.42 GHS
  • Res. 301-600+ kWh: 0.76 GHS

Non-Residential (plus 5% levies, 17.5% VAT)

  • Non-Res. 0-600 kWh: 0.70GHS
  • Non-Res. 601+ kWh: 1.14GHS

Special Load Tariff (SLT) (plus 5% levies, 17.5% VAT)

  • SLT- low voltage: 0.76GHS
  • SLT- medium voltage: 0.59GHS
  • SLT- high voltage: 0.54GHS
  • SLT- high voltage mine: 1.03GHS
Office de Régulation de l'Electricité

Tariffs as of April 2018, recent introduction of new tariff level for monthly HH consumption between 25-70 kWh/month (decrease of tariff) and 70-130 kWh/month (increase of tariff) benefitting households with lower consumption levels.

Apart from the type of consumer and level of monthly consumption, the tariff level differs between different locations in the country (4 zones all-together)



South Africa
National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) and Municipality Websites
Feed in Tariffs are determined by each distributor (which is the municipality in most cases). These tariffs vary greatly between the municipalities and also between customer groups. Municipalities also have the power to change the tariffs from year to year which get approved by NERSA.
Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA)

March 2016 - TANESCO Tariff Order (implemented)

December 2016 - TANESCO Tariff Order (disregarded)

Tariff Order, Mar. 2016 (~2% tariff decrease,
implemented by state utility to date):

Domestic (lifeline <75 kWh = 100 TZS;  >75 = 350)
General (292 TZS)
General >7500 kWh (195 TZS + demand)
Medium Voltage (157 TZS + demand)
High Voltage (152 TZS + demand)

  • 1 USD ~ 2250 TZS

Tariff Order, Dec. 2016 (~7% tariff increase,
disregarded by state utility at direction of energy ministry)



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The creation of this page was an initiative of the GIZ Sector Network Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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