Tariffs and Billings Systems - Experience Matrix - MATA 2009

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  • Which tariffs and billing systems have been successful?
  • Which challenges have been identified?

Country / Project / System System applied successful Challenges
Indonesia / MHP /Micro Hydro Schemes
  • Communal-set tariffs
  1. Flat rate (households)
  2. Item based (eg # of bulbs)
  3. Cluster metering
  • Overloading
  • Sanction management
  • Item based (eg # of bulbs)
planned in Ethiopia / EnDev / Micro Hydro Schemes
  • flat rate (no productive use) + mech.load limiter; only CLF, no social tariff
  • Expected challenges:
  1. billing - recovery rate too low
  2. monitoring of applied devices
  3. Static system
  • risk: pilot --> not cost covering

Republic South Africa / SHS

Pakistan / SHS

  • Fee for service with pre-paid metering
  1. complete financial failure
  2. conceptual design resulted in no ownership and caused vandalism, theft,...

Senegal / SHS

Burkina Faso / SHS

  • Fee for service successful
Ghana / grid
  • Multi-level tariff
  1. prepaid and post paid metered
  2. lifeline tariff
China / grid - households
  • one tariff pre paid metered
Rwanda / grid
  • one tariff pre paid metered
  • power production to low for overall demand
  1. utility prefers to connect only big consumers
  • off grid tariff (MHP) lower than grid tariff
  1. not cost covering
Zambia / grid
  • recently change from flat rate to prepaid tariff
  1. resulted in lower electricity consumption
  • with reduced electricity consumption the demand for charcoal increase singnificant
Senegal / Minigrids
  • flat rate with consumption limiter
  • one tariff nationwide
  1. not cost covering under all conditions
Marocco / planned for island grid
  • load variable tariff

Further Information


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