Team Lead - Blockchain for Refugees

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Team Lead - Blockchain for Refugees

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Job title
Team Lead - Blockchain for Refugees
Mercy Corps
  • Uganda
Sub-Saharan Africa
Type of job
permanent contract

Humanitarian Energy
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Job description
The Team Lead role is a unique opportunity to lead an innovative set of pilots in Uganda to provide humanitarian aid through blockchain-powered solutions. This will not be your ‘typical’ aid project, as we will be piloting tech solutions at the cutting edge of innovation. Implementation will be fast and agile, and we are committed to building a scalable and sustainable solution that can be applied in similar contexts around the world.

The Team Lead will lead the design and implementation of pilots, driving a team to deliver blockchain-enabled solutions for refugees and host communities in Uganda. The Team Lead will also be responsible for managing multiple stakeholders including the Government, UNHCR, Mercy Corps Uganda and technology partners to ensure successful product delivery, as well as data sharing and insight generation.

The Team Lead will be responsible for ensuring that 35,000 refugees secure a digital ID, and are onboarded to a digital wallet where they will receive cryptocurrency. For many, this will represent their first government-recognized ID and digital wallet, and for all, this will represent their first exposure to cryptocurrency. These pilots will increase financial resilience and inclusion for vulnerable populations, and also advance the frontier of innovation for the entire humanitarian sector.

This project is a partnership between Mercy Corps Ventures, Mercy Corps Uganda and a major blockchain donor, implemented in collaboration with a local partner. The pilots will run from March 2022 until June 2024. The Pilot Lead will be based in Uganda, with regular travel between Kampala and West Nile.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in blockchain technology and humanitarian aid programming (with specific focus on cash and voucher assistance), as well as experience working with refugees in vulnerable communities. They will provide management, administrative and operational leadership and serve as a champion of entrepreneurial solutions.
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