Toolbox Entry: SGREEE-AA1: Promoting Implementation of Demand Response Programs in Vietnam

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CPCS Transcom Limited
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Study Report

Market-based and Tariff-based Solutions
  • Demand Response

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Market-based and tariff-based solutions
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Viet Nam

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Smart Grids for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency project

Implementing Demand Response (DR) in Vietnam can bring multifaceted benefits to the country and provide economic, reliability, and system management benefits. While there have been successful DR pilot projects in Vietnam, a number of barriers remain to DR’s implementation. This report is the Final Report of the assignment “Promoting Implementation of Demand Response Programs in Vietnam” carried out for GIZ. It is divided into three main parts. It begins with a review of the current DR regulatory and policy framework and institutional context. It follows with a review of international DR best practices, especially those that are most relevant to the Vietnam context. Finally, it outlines recommendations for DR program implementation for the short, medium, and long term.

The Assignment focuses on the following DR programs:

  • Curtailable Load Program – CLP
  • Emergency Demand Response Program – EDRP
  • Real-time peak-load electricity tariff program