Toolbox Entry: Comments on the draft regulation for power forecasting in Vietnam

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Energy & Meteo Systems GmbH
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Study Report
Active management of distribution grid
  • Forecasting

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Active management of distribution grid
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Viet Nam

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Smart Grids for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

In the first part, the proposed regulation from EVN (letter no. 1404/EVN-KTSX to ERAV) is reviewed and commented. The goal is to give expert advice how the regulatory framework can be improved, drawing from international state-of-the-art in power forecasting. While commenting the regulatory issues, the effort and challenges of managing a decentralized power forecasting system will become clear as well. In the second part, the report raises the fundamental question of the advantages and disadvantages of a centralized versus a decentralized forecasting system. The goal is to provide decision-makers in Vietnam with crucial information on best practices of implementing an efficient power forecasting system. This is considered highly important since Vietnam is about to take fundamental decisions on its future prediction system. In order to transfer international experiences with decentralized forecasting systems, brief showcases from the Dominican Republic and Mexico are presented.