Toolbox Entry: Revision of Grid Code and Distribution Code for facilitating Variable Renewable Energy Integration – Final Report

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Moeller & Poeller Engineering GmbH; VietnamMW Co., Ltd
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Study Report

Connection Agreement Solutions
  • Technical requirements for connection (grid codes, standards)

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Connection agreement solutions
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Viet Nam

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Smart Grids for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

In Vietnam, as is the case for many other countries around the globe, it is expected that more and more synchronous generating systems will be replaced by non-synchronous generating systems in the near future. To reflect the fact that this will cause substantial changes to the performance characteristics of the future Vietnamese power system, ERAV has proposed amendments to the Vietnamese Grid Code. These changes are considered necessary to ensure secure system operation of the future Vietnamese power system. GIZ has engaged the consultatns to review the existing grid code together with the proposed amendments.