Toolbox Entry: Data Model and Data Acquisition for PV registration schemes and grid connection evaluations – Best Practice and Recommendations

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IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme Task 1 and 14 Members
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Type of Entry
Study Report
Active management of distribution grid
  • Monitoring Solutions
Enabling Distributed Technologies
  • Distributed generation (solar)

Distribution Planning
  • Centralised information database (e.g. DER register, GIS, etc.)

Information Exchange
  • TSO and DSO increased coordination and data exchange
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Information exchange

Reference project name
IEA PVPS Task 1 & Task 14

This report shows how different countries deal with the DER data collection, with a focus on PV systems. This report also provides a complete overview of all the relevant aspects that need to be addressed and foresee information that will be relevant in the future.
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ISBN 978-3-906042-98-5