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Toolbox Entry: Communication and Control for High PV Penetration under Smart Grid Environment_Overview on Control Strategies and Communications Technologies

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Last edited on 24/11/2022 by Hector Alfaro
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IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme Task 14 members
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Study Report
Active management of distribution grid
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Control Solutions
  • Smart grids (AMI, smart meters, etc.) increase
Enabling Distributed Technologies
  • Distributed generation (solar)

Information Exchange
  • Interoperability and communication
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Active management of distribution grid
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IEA PVPS Task 14

The IEA PVPS Task 14 Subtask C “PV in Smart Grids” will explore the communication and control for high penetration PV systems. The main intention is to survey the appropriate control strategies and communication technologies to integrate a high number of distributed PV systems into a smart electricity network. This Report summarizes the survey on the existing PV communication and control practice among Task 14 participating countries as well as reviews the literature of the state-of-the-art concepts for integration PV system under smart grid environment.