Toolbox Entry: High-Penetration PV Integration Handbook for Distribution Engineers

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Electrical Distribution Design; National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Distribution Planning
  • Grid simulation studies
  • Protection coordination and adjustments

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Distribution planning

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NREL/SCE Hi-Pen Project

This handbook was developed for practicing distribution system engineers working in North America. The handbook is written to present the potential impacts of high-penetration PV integration, provide model-based analysis approaches for determining the level of PV impact and suggest potential mitigation measures that could be taken to reduce PV impacts to distribution system engineers with a working knowledge of distribution systems planning and operations. While the focused development of the handbook has been distribution system engineers, it is the authors’ hope that this handbook will find as wide a usage as possible potentially including personnel at all positions at a utility, by PV developers, researchers and even energy customers wanting a better understanding of the distribution system. While the research that produced this handbook was focused on the integration of utility-scale PV system (1-5 MW) much of the information contained in the following pages is also relevant for the integration of large numbers of small PV systems as are found in some residential neighborhoods throughout the country.