Toolbox Entry: Protection coordination planning with distributed generation

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Qualsys Engco. Inc.
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Study Report

Enabling Distributed Technologies
  • Distributed generation (solar)
  • Distributed generation (others)

Distribution Planning
  • Grid simulation studies
  • Protection coordination and adjustments

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Distribution planning
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This study presents and demonstrates a generalized assessment procedure for determining the impact of the integration of DG on the protection practices of distribution systems. The developed method enables arriving at the penetration limit for DG, considering the most important protection impacts in terms of DG size, location and technology. The assessment considers the impact on coordination, de-sensitisation, nuisance fuse blowing, bidirectional relay requirements, and the impact of interconnection transformers and grounding practices [2]. In Final Report – CETC-Varennes 2007-149 (TR) 2 June 2007 addition, special attention has been made to the islanded mode of operation. The method is demonstrated using different types of distribution system configuration (urban, suburban and rural) based upon Canadian benchmark systems.