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Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)
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Enabling Distributed Technologies
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Electric vehicles
  • Distributed generation (solar)
  • Distributed generation (small hydro)
  • Distributed generation (others)

Distribution Planning
  • Centralised information database (e.g. DER register, GIS, etc.)

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Distribution planning
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This is AEMO's website with information on Austalia's DER Register. The DER Register is a database of information about DER devices installed in the NEM that is foundational to AEMO’s Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Program. The visibility of installed DER devices allows AEMO to better manage the electricity grid and ensure reliable, secure and affordable energy for all Australians. The DER Register stores information about a DER device installed on-site at a residential or business location. This information will be requested by Network Services Providers (or network operators) from qualified electrical contractors and solar installers at the time of the DER installation.