Toolbox Entry: An integrated approach to active system management with the focus on TSO–DSO coordination in congestion management and balancing

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Study Report
Active management of distribution grid
  • Congestion Management

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  • TSO and DSO increased coordination and data exchange
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Information exchange


In the present report, active power management, as a part of ASM is described and analysed from the perspective of a close collaboration of TSOs and DSOs, for congestion management in both distribution and transmission grids and system balancing when such services are provided in a market-based approach by flexibilities owned and operated by third parties. Many other ASM solutions coexist as mentioned in the toolbox above, but they are not analysed in the present report. In addition, reactive power management has been left out of the report. The reason to concentrate first on congestion management and balancing services provided by third parties is the importance of TSO–DSO coordination for these processes to ensure the security of supply. In a later stage, other elements or purposes of ASM could be commonly investigated by DSOs and TSOs.