Toolbox Entry: Lessons learned from international projects on TSO-DSO interaction

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Herndler, B.
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Information Exchange
  • TSO and DSO increased coordination and data exchange
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Information exchange


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r International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) Discussion Papers
This task aims to identify and consolidate the lessons learned from international projects, use cases, and best practices on TSO-DSO interaction. The results have been obtained from projects that are still in their early phases based on their preliminary findings as well as those that have reached their dissemination stages. Furthermore, this work aims to present a global view of developments of TSO-DSO interaction based on collaboration from stakeholders within the ISGAN community, as well as additional collaboration partners (TSOs, DSOs, project leaders, etc). The outcomes of the study aim to provide a short overview based on the key outcomes of the investigation, this will take the form of a video type deliverable. The video provides a high-level overview which encapsulates the main findings, while this report forms a supplementary consolidation of the results in order to provide additional information in more detail.