Toolbox Entry: Coordination of Distributed Energy Resources; International System Architecture Insights for Future Market Design

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Newport Consortium (Energeia, Strategen, Hawaiian Electric, Dr. Lorenzo Kristov and Dr. Jeffrey Taft)
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Study Report

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  • TSO and DSO increased coordination and data exchange
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Information exchange
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Effective integration of large scale DER into the electric network as well as utilization of DER services for wholesale markets and distribution network services will require operational and market coordination between AEMO and distribution network operators. This involves developing effective system architecture, including market designs, and operational structures (including controls) to execute DER coordination reliably, otherwise customer value may be negatively impacted. This analysis raises the need for early identification and action of long-lead time matters and the potential need for interim measures to be implemented by AEMO under the current regulatory regime. To this end, this report developed by the Newport Consortium of leading experts on DER coordination architectures summarises international experiences to-date and employs comparative analysis to assist AEMO in exploring options for future system architectures for the coordination of DER.