Toolbox Entry: Electric Program Investment Charge 2.02 – Distributed Energy Resource Management System Final Report

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Pacific Gas and Electric
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Study Report
Active management of distribution grid
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Control Solutions
  • Smart grids (AMI, smart meters, etc.) increase

Market-based and Tariff-based Solutions
  • VPP and aggregators (market integration of DERs)

Information Exchange
  • Cybersecurity
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Active management of distribution grid
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United States of America
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EPIC 2.02 – Distributed Energy Resource Management System

This report summarizes the project objectives, technical results and lessons learned for EPIC Project 2.02 - Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS). The main objective of the DERMS Demo was to test and demonstrate that new technologies can provide the functionality to monitor and control DERs to manage system constraints and evaluate the potential value of DER flexibility to the grid. The DERMS Demo demonstrated that value from DERs to provide grid services could be realized. This demonstration drove learnings about the people, process, and technology needed to operate the high DER penetration grid of the future. The challenges and lessons learned through this implementation helped move the industry and PG&E forward in the DERMS space, while grounding perspectives of near-term versus future needs and capabilities.