Toolbox Entry: Guidelines for Implementing Advanced Distribution Management Systems. Requirements for DMS Integration with DERMS and Microgrids

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Argonne National Laboratory
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Active management of distribution grid
  • Monitoring Solutions
  • Control Solutions
Enabling Distributed Technologies
  • Mini/micro-grids (when interconnected)

Distribution Planning
  • Protection coordination and adjustments

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Active management of distribution grid


This guideline focuses on the integration of DMS with DERMS and microgrids connected to the distribution grid by defining generic and fundamental design and implementation principles and strategies. It starts by addressing the current status, objectives, and core functionalities of each system, and then discusses the new challenges and the common principles of DMS design and implementation for integration with DERMS and microgrids to realize enhanced grid operation reliability and quality power delivery to consumers while also achieving the maximum energy economics from the DER and microgrid connections.