Toolbox Entry: White Paper on VPPs and DERMSs: Different Sides to the Same Coin

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Asmus, Peter
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Active management of distribution grid

Market-based and Tariff-based Solutions
  • VPP and aggregators (market integration of DERs)

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Active management of distribution grid
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United States of America
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The purpose of this white paper is to define terms such as virtual power plant (VPP) and distributed energy resources management system (DERMS) and note their similarities and differences. Navigant Research also examines how these two approaches to the management of customer-sited assets might evolve, overlap, and distinguish themselves in the future. The white paper highlights how Alectra, a public utility operating in Ontario, is exploring use cases and applications that piggyback on previous microgrids. It aims to serve as a guide for other software providers and utilities that join this journey toward squeezing the most value out of generation, load, and energy storage for prosumers, utilities, and other grid operators.