Toolbox Entry: Tucson Electric Power Project RAIN: October 2018 Update

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Electric Power Research Institute
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Study Report
Active management of distribution grid

Market-based and Tariff-based Solutions
  • Demand Response

Information Exchange
  • Interoperability and communication
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Active management of distribution grid

Reference project name
Tucson Electric Power Project RAIN

"Project RAIN — Resource Aggregation and Integration Network — is one of the first globally to explore how distributed generation and energy storage might be combined with flexible loads (such as electric vehicle chargers or smart thermostats) to respond optimally to dynamic system needs. Open standards and protocols such as SunSpec Modbus and OpenADR are being utilized in an effort to improve future system performance and reduce integration costs. Several controller vendors (both established and new entrants) were engaged in laboratory testing, though the field trial features a single control system that is coordinating DER from multiple suppliers. In this first report, findings are shared from the experimental design, laboratory testing, and initial field installation stages of the project."