Toolbox Entry: Comprehensive Study of Community Managed Mini Grid

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Pokhrel, Sanjeev; Singal, S.K.; Singh, S.N
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Enabling Distributed Technologies
  • Mini/micro-grids (when interconnected)

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Enabling distributed technologies
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International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering
"Mini-Grid is an innovative and cost effective solution to deliver reliable electricity supplies to households andcommercial use. Implementing such projects involves complex technical, financial, policy and organizational issueswhich must address the end-users and their needs. Other challenges include capacity building and training, tariff andsubsidy mechanism and institutional strength. The current paper deals with the comprehensive study of communitymanaged mini-grid having few micro-hydropower plants in Nepal. The lesson learned from these projects will create anew approach towards mini-grid in technology and model transfer. The paper intends to explore the technology adoptedfor mini-grid, the governance practice for implementing the project, policy barriers and related issues regarding thesustainability of the project."