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General Issues on Importing and Licensing:

Importing equipment may be difficult. Getting items out of custom custody can still be difficult. Ask experienced colleagues how to proceed in your country. Engage experienced importers.

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The Role of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Technology Transfer / Technology Cooperation

Intellectual property is an important factor for innovation and technology cooperation. There is an ongoing discussion about the need of a global policy to accelerate renewable energy technology (RET) innovation and support business, governmental, and humanitarian goals. In the Bali conference (COP 13), article 1 (d) of the final document demands „Effective mechanisms and enhanced means for (…) scaling up of the development and transfer of technology to developing countries Parties in order to promote access to affordable and environmentally sound technologies“. From the perspective of Developing Countries, industrialised countries have to provide the relevant technologies or at least the rights to use them if they want them to join their efforts of combating climate change. In certain cases governments from DC’S could force companies in industrialised countries to provide licences in areas of national security (compulsory licenses), e.g. to combat climate change. For the owner of the licence this could mean wasting large investments in the development of sustainable energy technologies like carbon sequestration, off-shore wind farms and bio fuels. This unclear situation could create barriers for the dissemination of sustainable energy technologies.

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Available MHP Turbine / Controller Designs / Licenses

Pico Hydro Power Design

PAT (Pump as Turbine) -freeware-

Firefly -freeware-
A extensive description how to produce and install a pico hydro turbine.

Micro Hydro Power Design

1 - 5 kW Crossflow turbine, TP100 -shareware-
<see picture under pico hydro power>

Mini Hydro Power Turbine Design

25 - 250 kW Crossflow Turbine, T15, -licensing-
contact: Gerhard Fischer,

ELC - Electric Load Controller Design

Pico hydro load controller, Hummingbird -freeware-

The Hummingbird controller is one part of the firefly concept, a pico-pelton-turbine.
Jan Portegijs,
Hummingbird Design download

Electronic load controller, 1- 250 kW -eventually licensing- / Indonesia (contact via

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