Vietnam - Techcombank energy efficiency loan

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Vietnam - Techcombank Energy Efficiency Loan

Title of Document Vietnam - Techcombank Energy Efficiency Loan
Abstract The main barriers preventing Vietnamese enterprises (especially small and medium enterprises, or SMEs) towards cleaner and more efficient production practices are access to finance, and access to quality and affordable technical services. Most commercial banks in Vietnam rely on short-term deposits, which limit their ability to structure financial products that can match the cash-flows of projects. In addition, local banks often lack the necessary in-house technical capacity to evaluate energy efficiency or cleaner production projects, thereby increasing their perceived risks. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) loan is complemented with an advisory program to build Techcombank’s technical expertise and understanding of credit and technical risks. The advisory services program also offers audit services and technical advice to the bank’s clients to help build the bank’s pipeline of sustainable energy projects.
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Original Source IFC
Year 2012
Region/Country East Asia & The Pacific - Vietnam
Language(s) English
Document Type Case Studies - Removal of Barriers
Sector Multisector