What Users Can Save with Energy-efficient Cooking Stoves and Ovens

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What Users Can Save with Energy-efficient Cooking Stoves and Ovens

Title of Document What Users Can Save with Energy-efficient Cooking Stoves and Ovens
Abstract Residential cooking stoves and ovens are used by households for cooking and baking food. A broad range of different technologies and designs are used for cooking in the world of today. While the most basic way of cooking—heating food above an open fire fuelled by biomass—is still predominant in many developing countries, in industrialised countries sophisticated stoves or cookers prevail, which use electricity or gas to deliver the required heat for the cooking process. Read more in the attached pdf file „What users can save with energy-efficient cooking stoves and ovens“. For about 2.5 billion people in the world, improved biomass cooking stoves are the cheapest way to save firewood, crop residues or dung, while reducing both harmful impacts on human beings and their environment. Energy savings of up to 80 % and significant reductions of GHG emissions, indoor pollution and deforestation can be achieved. Energy savings of 10 to 30 % can be cost-effective for both gas and electric stoves (also called hobs), and up to 50 % for ovens. In most countries, costs and primary energy can also be saved by switching from electricity to natural gas or biogas. The assumable most environmentally friendly way of cooking is based on the use of renewable energies as primary energy source for cooking, as is the case with sustainably produced biogas from organic waste matter (including manure and sewage) or solar cooking stoves for instance. Natural gas and petroleum gas (LPG) will in most situations be the next best alternative in terms of primary energy and greenhouse gas emissions, preferable over electricity unless the latter is predominantly produced from renewable energies in a country or region.
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