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Wind Pumps
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☐ Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy
☐ Alternative Methodology
Description Wind pumps use wind energy for lifting water. Wind pumps can be used to drain land, or for agricultural purposes. Typically wind pumps for irrigation lift water from ground water sources. In the United States steel blades and steel towers replaced wooden construction, and at their peak in use in 1930, an estimated 600,000 units were in use, with capacity equivalent to 150 megawatts. Wind pumps are robust technologies that have a value on all farms with accessible groundwater.
Technology for the Application of
☐ Solar ☐ Biomass ☐ Biofuel
☐ Biogas Wind ☐ Geo-Thermal
☐ Hydro ☐ Energy Efficiency
☐ Other: /
Primarily Relevant for the following Agricultural Value Chain Steps
☐ Mechanization ☐ Efficiency of Operation ☐ Processing
☐ Transportation ☐ Controlled Atmosphere ☐ Controlled Temperature
☐ Mechanical Sorting ☐ Preservation
☐ Other: /
Primarily Relevant for the following Agricultural Value Chain Activities
☐ Grinding ☐ Hauling and conveying ☐ Sorting
☐ Seedbed Preparation ☐ Milling ☐ Tearing
☐ Planting Washing ☐ Mixing
Pumping ☐ Heating ☐ Drying
Irrigation ☐ Cooling ☐ Animal feeding
☐ Fertilizing ☐ Venting ☐ Animal health and Welfare
☐ Pest Management ☐ Lighting ☐ Packing and branding
☐ Cutting Sanitation
☐ Other: /
Primarily Implemented in the following Commodity Groups
Cereals ☐ Fruits and vegetables ☐ Nuts and berries
Forage ☐ Dairy products ☐ Meat products
Oil Seeds Roots and Tubers Eggs
Pulses Fiber Crops Forestry
Sugars Stimulants Spices
☐ Other: /
Region & Country of

☐ Africa
South Asia - Afghanistan, Pakistan
☐ East Asia & The Pacific
☐ Europe & Central Asia
☐ Latin America & The Caribbean
Middle East & North Africa - Iran
☐ North America
☐ N/A: /
Region & Country of
Current Deployment

Africa - Ethiopia, Zimbabwe
South Asia - Pakistan
☐ East Asia & The Pacific
Europe & Central Asia - Turkey, United Kingdom
Latin America & The Caribbean - Ecuador
☐ Middle East & North Africa
☐ North America
☐ N/A: /
Region & Country of
Potential Deployment

☐ Africa
☐ South Asia
☐ East Asia & The Pacific
☐ Europe & Central Asia
☐ Latin America & The Caribbean
☐ Middle East & North Africa
☐ North America
N/A: Any region with wind resources
Manufacturers Annevor Systems, G B Windpumps, Manes Demir Urunleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd, GEM Engineering General Trading, Agrotool Ltd, Hofloye Ltd
Economics Wind pumps are good economic investments. They are robust, long lasting technologies. They can work for years on end with little to no maintenance. They are also an inexpensive option for pumping water in rural locations compared to many other water pumping options.
Technology Development Level Wind pumps are well developed technologies. They have been in use for more than ten centuries. The design has been refined and made stable over this time.
Required Maintenance Technical Level Wind pumps have low technical maintenance requirements. They can be maintained with less common tools by trained personnel.
Required Infrastructure for Deployment Wind pumps require a manufacturing base for raw steel and some specialized parts. Welding and fabrication are required.
Required Resources during manufacture Steel, Lubricants, Anti-Corrosives;
Required Resources during operation None;
Wind pumps have been deployed worldwide.
Deployment Capability and Potential Wind pumps require a moderate technical manufacturing base and trained personnel for implementation. However, the technology is well known and can be deployed wherever groundwater and wind is available.
Requirements for Deployment Teams to assess groundwater accessibility to unconfined aquifers are needed.
Relevance for Autonomy and Food Security Windpumps can be keystone technologies for farms or communities. They can have tremendous positive impacts for many years. Wind pumps are energy independent.
Environment Impacts (emissions) Low emissions; Indirect emissions are required for manufacture. Additionally, wind pumps should be deployed at unconfined aquifers and water withdrawals should not exceed natural replenishment rates.
Conformity with Bio- Cybernetic System Rules Yes;
Additional information / Comments No comments.
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