Workshop - Do It Yourself - Solar Cooling Units in Mali (September 2019)

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The University of Hohenheim has been carrying out research on solar cooling for the last 5 years. A Solar Milk Cooling with Insulated Milk Cans has been developed and applied for milk cooling. Up to now, 18 Systems have been successfully assessed together with local partners in Tunisia, Kenya and Colombia showing its technical feasibility. Since 2017, the economic feasibility is under study in cooperation with partners of the private sector and in synergy to several on-going public initiatives. The project is financed by the GIZ programme Powering Agriculture - Sustainable Energy for Food.

Workshop in Mali (September 2019)

Do It Yourself Workshop.png

The workshop about the Do It Yourself - Solar Cooling Units successfully brought together local companies, entrepreneurs and students and train them to design, produce and pilot small and medium scale solar cooling systems.

Thanks to the use of solar cooling units, participants learned to customize own systems, that fullfil the requirements of final users. The workshop delivered training to design, produce and assemble your products based on 3 hands-on example systems.

The workshop comprised 3 Training days and 1 Conference day, with a total of 50 participants from Mali.

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