Case Studies on Energy Access Projects in Mozambique

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Welcome to the infopage for case studies on energy access projects in Mozambique.

In energypedia we are aware that off-grid renewable solutions have the potential to bridge the energy access gap and achieve country-wide electrification and access to clean cooking. Against this background, energypedia is collectiong case studies from different companies and organizations running energy access projects in Mozambique on selected RE technologies, such as solar home systems, improved cookstoves, mini/nano grid, and solar powered irrigation.

This space has all the information on how to share the accomplishments and lessons learned of your project with our community in energypedia's Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub.

Do you have a case study?

Have you worked developing an energy access project in Mozambique and want to share your knowledge and expertise? Follow the next steps to get your case study for us.

  1. Download the template corresponding to the type of technology and fill in the information about your project.
  2. Enter your organization's or company's information in our Stakeholder Database.
  3. Send us your case study template to, let us know if you would like to present your case study in a webinar or event
  4. Create a case study entry in energypedia.

If you need help creating and editing your case study page, visit our Help Portal.

Download Templates

Improved Cookstoves (ICS)

Template for Companies

Template for Organisations

Solar Home Systems (SHS)

Template for Companies

Template for Organisations

Productive Uses of Energy (PUE, SPIS, etc.)

Template for Companies

Template for Organisations

Mini Grids

Template for Companies

Template for Organisations

Case Study List

  1. Solar Giraffe in Mozambique


Funded and developed in collaboration with the GIZ programme Green People’s Energy for Africa to enhance knowledge exchange and sharing among the energy practitioners in Mozambique.

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