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Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub

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Developing Knowledge Products to Foster Knowledge Creation and Sharing Among Mozambican Energy Actors

Energypedia and Green People’s Energy for Africa - Mozambique (GBE)

Virtual Workshop, 20 July 2021

1. Background

Energypedia UG received a grant from the Green People’s Energy for Africa - Mozambique (GBE) in 2021 to promote knowledge exchange and sharing among different renewable energy actors such as the public sector, private sector, NGOs and the Government in Mozambique. As part of the grant activities, an online space will be created to consolidate all off-grid knowledge products and enable knowledge exchange on what has been done and what needs to be done for moving the Mozambique renewable energy sector forward. The stakeholders can also use this space to showcase their work and network with one another.

2. Target Groups

Our target groups include Government bodies, donor organisations, civil society organisations, academic researchers, private sector as well as the general public.

3. Objectives

The objective of the knowledge sharing activities are:

  • To facilitate learning and long-term exchange of knowledge on topics related to renewable energy and energy access in the Mozambican context
  • To create an online community of energy practitioners comprising of different stakeholders such as civil society organisations, policy makers, academic researchers, private sector and the general public
  • To provide a collaborative space where experts and institutions can share their knowledge and resources with a wider audience.

4. Output

The output of the knowledge sharing activities will be:

  • Mozambique-Energypedia Off-grid Knowledge Hub: A one-stop gateway for all curated information on renewable energy in Mozambique on energypedia. Focus on solar home systems, improved cookstoves, nano/mini grids and productive uses of energy. This dual language portal (English and Portuguese) will be a living document and continuously updated
  • Mozambique-Energypedia Off-grid Practitioners Group: A virtual space for Mozambican actors to interact with each other. It will foster co-creation of knowledge and information sharing
  • Matchmaking Facility with database for events, jobs and opportunities for the Mozambique sector
  • Virtual learning events such as webinars on key off-grid energy topics along with break-out sessions and follow up sessions to dive deeper and network with other RE experts

5. Get Involved

  • Join the Off-grid Practitioners Group and discuss on trending topics
  • Share your project case studies as well as lessons learnt on the Off-grid Knowledge Hub
  • Add your organisation to the Matchmaking Facility
  • Share upcoming events, jobs, opportunities and publications with the wider audience
  • Join our webinars and break-out sessions to network and dive deeper into the topic.