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Productive Uses of Energy Hub Mozambique

One-stop destination for all information related to productive uses of off-grid energy in Mozambique
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Productive Uses of Energy (PUE) in Mozambique

This hub provides an overview of productive uses of energy such as irrigation, drying, cooling and other applications for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in Mozambique. It discusses the market potential and the opportunity for private sector involvement. For information on the energy sector of Mozambique, check out the Mozambique Off-grid Knowledge Hub! Join the Mozambique Off-grid Practitioners Group and become a RE advocate!

Currently the hub includes information about solar powered irrigation systems (SPIS) only. If you want to share information on SPIS or other PUE technologies, please contact us at

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Funded and developed in collaboration with the GIZ programme Green People’s Energy for Africa to enhance knowledge exchange and sharing among the energy practitioners in Mozambique.

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