Distribution System Operation Toolbox

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Distribution System Operation Toolbox


100 database entries

The objective of the Distribution System Operation Toolbox for Practitioners is to be a repository for state-of-the-art knowledge and resources that contributes to increasing the capacity of grid operators to manage distribution grids efficiently and sustainably. The toolbox collates and makes available a library of relevant resources, such as studies, scientific articles, guidelines and other relevant files allowing the end-user to easily find, add and delete files through a user-friendly interface.

Bear in mind that you need to be logged-in in order to add content.

Excel-based Toolbox

  • While the user has the option to expand the library of the Toolbox on their own device, the original Toolbox itself will not be changed.
  • The download file is a zip file that contains all the elements of the Toolbox.
  • The Toolbox database is an Excel document that uses macros to allow the user to easily search for documents that have been deposited in the filing system.
  • It also allows the user to add or delete files to the database and folder structure and to make edits to individual database entries.

The excel-based tool for download is not built to be continuously updated.

User guidance

The toolbox was developed within a Task Force under Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) internal sector network TUEWAS (Transport, Environment, Energy and Water in Asia):

Task Force leader Christoph Luerssen
Task Force members GIZ India Vibhuti Nougain
Kashish Shah
Prashant Choudhary
Sunil Kumar Sharma
Markus Wypior
GIZ Nepal Bikash Uprety
Diego Senoner
GIZ Vietnam Le Ha Phan
Consultants IB Consulting Ilka Buss
Energynautics GmbH Alice Turnell
energypedia consult GmbH Robert Heine
Hector Alfaro