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The Nigeria Off-Grid Solar Knowledge Hub was created within the PeopleSuN project, a collaboration of Nigerian and German partners. This open access hub aims to contribute to bridging the skills gap in the Nigerian off-grid solar sector by facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration. Ultimately, the hub seeks to support the design and implementation of financially viable and inclusive off-grid solar interventions in underserved areas across Nigeria.

Users are able to actively contribute to this hub by creating new articles and sharing their own experiences.

Please consult the Guide to the Hub to start contributing. For any queries about the hub, contact us at

Structure of the Hub

The knowledge hub is structured along 6 key dimensions that are crucial for developing a successful and long-lived off-grid solar interventions[1]:

For each dimension, the hub contains:

  • An introduction to the topic, including key definitions
  • Guidance, specifically for the Nigerian context
  • A collection of tools and resources that are available to help practitioners in developing a successful off-grid solar intervention in Nigeria.

Additionally, the hub contains:

Because the hub is a wiki, every section can be edited, and new sections can be created. Users are strongly encouraged to contribute to the hub by improving the guidance, adding new tools and resources, and contributing their case studies and publications.

The Highlights section that is found at the bottom of the hub's main page gives an overview of the different tools and resources that were developed within the PeopleSuN project. Each tool can also be found within the hub.

How to contribute to the Hub

It's very easy to contribute to the hub! The first step is to register with Energypedia first. In case you have no account yet, use this link to register. It might take a few hours until the account is activated.

Remember: you do not need to be an energy expert in order to contribute or request an Energypedia account.

Please consult this article on how to contribute to the Nigeria Off-grid Solar Knowledge Hub.

If your changes do not appear immediately, click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and click 'Refresh' to reload the page.

For any queries about the hub, contact us at


  1. This structure is based loosely on existing frameworks that help in the design of electricity access interventions, such as the EDM (Energy Delivery Model) framework: Bellanca, R., & Garside, B. (2013). An approach to designing energy delivery models that work for people living in poverty.