Solar DC Grids for Rural Electrification: An Overview

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Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply - Documentation
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Solar DC Grids for Rural Electrification: An Overview

Presenter: Shahriar Chowdhury


Bringing off-grid areas under grid quality electricity is one of the main challenges of the 21st Century. Renewable energy especially solar PV based rural electrification plays a vital role in the context of energy access challenge in the Global South. Among the available technologies, solardiesel hybrid decentralized grid systems are proven to be one of the suitable options for off grid electrification. Despite a world-wide application of hybrid mini-grids, these tend to use topologies based on alternating current. This paper discusses other options with direct current, giving an indepth overview of different topologies for developing DC grids for providing electricity to the off grid area depending on socio-economic and techno-economic perspective. Benefits and areas of application for the case of Bangladesh are elaborated on. Solar DC Grids for Rural Electrification - An Overview.pdf


Shahriar Chowdhury: Micro Perspective for Decentralized Energy (MES) 2015, Bangalore, India.