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This page provides the list of conference documentation available on energypedia.

The events with (energypedia) have been documented by energypedia team, the others have been documented by the event organizers themselves.

Event Location Date
7th Annual RedBioLAC Conference Documentation (energypedia) Chile 2015 (November 9-13 )
Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply 2015 (energypedia) Bangalore, India 2015 (April 23-25 )
Achieving Universal Access to Electricity in Myanmar Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar 2013 (May 31- June 1)
Bonn International Cooking Energy Forum 2013 (energypedia) Bonn, Germany 2013 (June 26-28)
Droit au But Workshop Tunis 2014 (March 25)
Energizing Microfinance Workshop Documentation Berlin, Germany 2014 (April 6)
Energy in Development - Lecture Series (energypedia) Technical University of Berlin, Germany 2013 (November 5)
Financing Solar Energy in Tunisia Gammarth, Tunisia 2014 (September 11 )
India Clean Cookstove Forum 2013 (energypedia) New Delhi, Germany 2013 (November 25-26)
India Clean Cookstove Forum 2014 (energypedia) New Delhi, Germany 2014 (November 10-12)
Innovating Energy Access for Remote Areas: Discovering Untapped Resources - Documentation  (energypedia) UC Berkley, Germany 2013 (April 10-12)
International DAAD-Alumni Summer School - Sustainable Provision of Rural Renewable Energy with Focus on Financially Viable Solutions in Developing Countries  (energypedia) University of Hohenheim, Germany 2013 (November 01-15)
MENAREC 5 (Middle East and North Africa Renewable Energy Conference) Berlin, Germany 2012 (May 15-16 )
Micro Hydro Power - Workshop - Nairobi 2009 Nairobi, Kenya 2009 (May 5-7)
Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply - Conference 2013 (energypedia) Berlin, Germany 2013 (Feb. 27-Mar.1)
Off-Grid Power Forum - Intersolar 2014 (energypedia) Munich, Germany 2014 (June 2-6 )
Off the Grid - Decentralised Energy Supply in Developing Countries (energypedia) Bonn, Germany 2011 (January 10-12)
Opportunity Study for Solar Thermal Systems in the Tertiary and Industrial Sector Bonn, Germany 2011 (January 10-12 )
Sustainable Energy for Food Symposium (energypedia) Bonn, Germany 2014 (June 12)
Second German-Tunisian Workshop on Renewable Energy Tunis, Tunisia 2012 (October 30)
Third German-Tunisian Energy Day Tunis, Tunisia 2013 (November 26)
Household Air Pollution (HAP) in South Asia - Solutions Colombo, Sri Lanka 2014 (November 19-21)
International Conference on Renewable Energy Development & Applications for a Sustainable Agriculture (RE & Agri) Tunis, Tunisia 2014 (December 2-4)
Workshop and B2B Sessions for Investments in PV for Tunisian Enterprises Tunis, Tunisia 2014 (December 9)
Expert Exchange Workshop on the Promotion of Sustainable Wood Energy Value Chains in Development Cooperation-Documentation (energypedia)
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 2015 (March 1-2 )
Workshop and B2B Sessions for Investments in PV for Tunisian Enterprises in Monastir
Tunis, Tunisia 2016 (April 13)
Opportunity Study for Solar PV in Agriculture
Tunis, Tunisia 2016 (May 17)
Training on Solar Thermal Profitability Tools: T*Sol Software and Excel Tool 
Tunis, Tunisia
2016 (June 4-5)

Launch of the Poor People’s Energy Outlook: Reshaping energy planning in developing countries (energypedia)

Bonn, Germany
2017 (February 2)
Second Africa-EU Symposium on Renewable Energy Research and Innovation (RERIS 2018) (energypedia) Lesotho 2018 (January 23-26)

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