Prospects of Large Scale Solar Water Pumping Applications for Agriculture with a Case Study from Jordan

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Economic viability of photovoltaic, diesel and grid connected water pumping systems is investigated and compared for system capacities in the range 1500 m4/day to 100,000 m4/day. Actual performance data from installed systems are considered in calculating systems outputs for base case scenarios. Sensitivity analysis is carried out to generalize results for other locations and conditions. Several scenarios of the effect of variation components prices, electricity tariffs, diesel fuel prices, operation cost and interest rate on the output water unit cost (US$/1000m4) are investigated. Investment prospects in PV water pumping applications for different selling price scenarios of water have been investigated. A case study project for on grid PV electrification with different capacities of up to 1000 Megawatt is investigated. Investment prospects under different tariff scenarios is studied and demonstrated. Sensitivity analysis to generalize results for other locations and other conditions are analyzed

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