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University of Hohenheim
International DAAD-Alumni Summer School - November 4 - 14, 2013 Institute for Agricultural Engineering, University of Hohenheim
About the International DAAD-Alumni Summer School, Sustainable Provision of Rural RE
Participants Presentations
Speaker Presentations

Participants Presentations

Energy Provision in Rural Areas of Nepal

by Giri Raj Adhikari

Agricultural Waste Processing into Briquette: A Sustainable Solution for Alternative Woodfuel Supply in Rural Areas of Bangladesh

by Mohamed Ahiduzzaman

Battery less solar refrigerator

by Dwipen Boruah

Bio-char Production from Agricultural Waste in Nan Province, Thailand

by Kanyaporn Chaiwong

Sustainable Utilization of Coffee Processing Wastes through Biogas Technology

by Chala Bilhate Leta

Possibilities and Opportunities of Biogas Production in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the Agricultural Region of Serbia

by Dorde Datkov

Design and Development of Pyrolysis System for the Processing of Liquid Smoke in Rural Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

by Wahyudi David

Jatropha Breeding Program Brings New Opportunities for Energy Supply in Rural Areas in Cameroon

by Eulogue Dongmeza

A New Energy Saving Precision Irrigation Technology for North China Plain Production System

by Xiongkui He

Small-scale and Low-cost Charcoal Production in Thailand as an Alternative Source of Renewable Energy and Income in Rural Areas

by Kiatkamjon Intani

Development and Dissemination of Polycarbonate Sheet-covered Greenhouse Solardryer for Small-scaled Dried Food Industries in Thailand

by Serm Janjai

Biogas - A Viable Energy Source for the Small Holdings in Kerala, India

by Philipgi Thomas Kanatt

Modelling and Design of a Prototype Machine for De-hulling Jatrophacurcas L. Fruit

by Shkelqim Karaj

Tanweer el Heiz - Solar Rural Electrification Project

by Laila Kenawy

Utilization of Biogas from Palm Oil Mill Effluent for Rural Electrification and Reducing Green House Gas Emission

by Bayuaji Kencana

Energy Provision in Rural Areas of Kenya

by Catherine Kunyanga

Waste Processing Management for Home Industry Soja Cheese (Tahu) and the Urban Livestock as an Alternative Source of Bioenergy for the Community in Sokaraja Village, Banyumas District , Central Java

by Djeimy Kusnaman

Provision of Rural Renewable Energy Systems to Agricultural Crop Drying in the Philippines

by Romualdo Martinez

Studies of Some Physical-mechanical and Chemical Property in Organic Waste to Use for Biogas Production in Cuba

by Carlos Martínez Hernández

The National Domestic Biogas project: Energy Provision, Land Production, Increased Production and Policies Integration

by Ernest Mazimpaka

Prospects of Large Scale Solar Water Pumping Applications for Agriculture with a Case Study from Jordan

by Ibrahim Odeh

Energy Provision in Rural India

by Rabindra Panda

Energy Provision in Rural Areas

by Mariela Pino

Solar Revolving Fund: A Financing Strategy for Solar Energy Technologies in Namibia

by Al-Mas Sendegeya

Energy Provision in Rural Areas

by Emmy Susanti

Harnessing Renewable Energy Distribution in Rural Uganda: A Case Study of Ntungamo District

by Milly Kevin Tebusabwa