A New Energy Saving Precision Irrigation Technology for North China Plain Production System

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During the five years of the IRTG-1070 project phase (2008-2013), experiments are conducted in a rural area named Wuqiao County in the North China Plain. Our main work is to design a self-propelled irrigation vehicle to realize precision irrigation based on multi-sensors. Drip irrigation, Sprinkler irrigation, Flood irrigation are compared with this mobile irrigation method.

Electricity motor is used in this irrigation machine as a power instead of tractor. Recent years, electricity as a new clean energy are widely used in China. In North China Plain, more and more electric pumped well are built in the field for irrigation. Changes not only happened in agriculture but also in people’s normal life, the typical example is electric bicycle which has a potential to replace bicycle. The design and produce of the electric vehicle are also widely supported by the China government in the whole china, consumers can also gain subside from China government to buy the electric vehicle. In the future, the charge station for electric vehicles will be everywhere as the gas station now. It will also broaden the way of thinking for the future agriculture development in China.

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