Possibilities and Opportunities of Biogas Production in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, the Agricultural Region of Serbia

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Biogas is a type of renewable energy sources (RES), and is most often classified as a gaseous biomass. Most of the existing biogas plants are agricultural, i.e. biogas plants that use manure, energy crops, harvest and other residues from agriculture as substrates for biogas production. However, anaerobic treatment is suitable for disposal of waste from food industry, slaughterhouse waste and municipal biodegradable waste, as well as disposal of sewage sludge. The purpose of the construction of first biogas plants was primarily environment protection. By appropriate treatment of excrements from animal husbandry, this technology should contribute the reduction of GHG emissions, since 1/5 of total emissions are caused by agricultural production. This share is even larger if indirect emissions are taken into account. Beside environment protection, when constructing contemporary agricultural biogas plants, decentralized electricity generation and making a profit are considered as important aspects. All these are closely connected to socio-economic and rural development.

Autonomous Province of Vojvodina is an agricultural region in the northern part of Serbia. It has population of 1.9 million and 1.7•106 ha of arable land. Previous investigations showed that there is a great potential for biogas production in it. However, the implementation of the biogas technology is in the initial phase. Yet, only few agricultural biogas plants have been constructed, as well as few biogas plants for waste disposal. The reason is insufficient support for electricity generation, in the form of feed-in tariffs, but other financial incentives as well. Although there are efforts to strengthen biogas technology in this region, e.g. establishment of Serbian Biogas Association,

This poster will present the actual state and prospectus of biogas technology in Serbia, namely in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The overview on RES legislative and by-law will be presented, discussed and shortcomings emphasized. The existing biogas plants will be presented. The potential for biogas production in the agricultural sector will be presented by livestock units on larger farms suitable for construction of biogas plants and biomass, i.e. energy crops intended for biogas production in Vojvodina. This will quantify the potential installed nominal power of biogas plants and potential electricity generation in Vojvodina. Thereafter, effects of biogas production in Vojvodina will be assessed, regarding electricity consumption, contribution to rural development and socio-economic situation in Vojvodina.

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