Diffusion of Alternative Electricity Supply Solutions in Bangalore

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Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply - Documentation
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Diffusion of Alternative Electricity Supply Solutions in Bangalore: The Emergence of a Market of Middle-Income Customers with New Aspirations Case Studies of SELCO and BCIL Promoting Photovoltaic Systems

Presenter: Haruki Sawamura and Akil Amiraly


This article aims to highlight the emergence of urban customers willing to use alternative electricity supplies developed by small yet visionary companies in the context of discontinuous public electricity supply in Bangalore. To illustrate this market evolution, two companies implementing solar photovoltaic systems are studied. The research identifies how these off-grid services initially designed for either very poor rural customers or very rich customers are slowly reaching the urban upper-middle class customers attracted by its practical use and financial incentive. This demonstrated development of a niche market constitutes an early signal of the emergence of a social group willing to change its consumption behavior and contribute to the environment through their day-to-day activity. Diffusion of Alternative Electricity Supply Solutions in Bangalore.pdf


Haruki Sawamura and Akil Amiraly: Micro Perspective for Decentralized Energy (MES) 2015, Bangalore, India.