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Innovating Energy Access for Remote Areas: Discovering Untapped Resources
About the International DAAD-Alumni Summer School, Sustainable Provision of Rural RE
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​​► Thursday, 10 April 2014

​​► Friday, 11 April 2014

​​► Reflections

Thursday, 10 April 2014

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Opening Keynote & Introductory Remarks
Dr. Daniel Kammen (RAEL), Dr. Michael Jakob/Dr. Jan Steckel (Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)


ICT and Energy
Nordman B.: Optimizing Device Operation with a Local Electricity Price
Weber K.: End-Use Load Monitoring of a Community Microgrid in Rural East Malaysia: Challenges Faced During a Period of Rapid Development
Ameli A.: An Optimized Load Frequency Control of a Decentralized Energy System Using Plug-in Electric Vehicles
Nique M.: The Synergies between Mobile Phone Access and Off Grid Energy Solutions

Demand Assessments
Van der Straeten J.: Financing Energy Efficiency and Climate Adaptation Measures on Household Level in Kyrgyzstan - Market Based Approaches for a Post-Soviet Country?
Warda A. & Taylor H.: Demand Assessment of Solar Electrification in Off-Grid Rural Communities of Pakistan through Micro financing of Solar Home Systems
Gadhia D.: Case Study of Decentralized Energy Project- Smoke-free Village


Minigrids - Case Studies
Khan H.: Experience from First Solar Mini Grid Service in Bangladesh
Deorah S.& Lath A.: Prospects for Electricity Access in Rural India using Solar Photo-Voltaic based Mini-Grid Systems
Chowdhury S.: Off-grid Rural Area Electrification by Solar-Diesel Hybrid Mini-grid in Bangladesh: Design Considerations

Ortiz W.: The Influence of the End Users’ Context on the Dissemination of Domestic Biogas Systems in Developing Countries
Sesan T.: Slow and Steady But Not to Scale: Lessons from a Context-responsive Approach to Market-based Stove Development in Western Kenya
Tumwesige, V.: Feasibility Study Assessing the Impact of Biogas Digesters on Indoor Air Pollution in Households in Uganda


Minigrids – Participatory Energy Ecosystems
Groh S.: Swarm Electrification - Suggesting a Paradigm Shift through Building Microgrids Bottom-up
Abdullah M.: A Simulation Gaming Approach to Micro-Grid Design and Planning: Participatory Design and Capacity Building
Khan R.: DC Nanogrids: A Low Cost PV Based Solution for Livelihood Enhancement for Rural Bangladesh

Planning and Governance
Terrapon-Pfaff J.: The Role of Gender Concerns in the Planning of Small-scale Energy Projects in Developing Countries
Scott A.: Fuel Oil Volatility – Complications for Evaluating A Proposed Power Purchase Agreement for Renewable Energy in Nome, AK
Richter K.: Barriers and solutions to the Development of Renewable Energy Technologies in the Caribbean


Presentation of BREG and MES
Sebastian Groh & Brian Edlefsen Lasch: The Battle of Edison and Westinghouse Revisited: A Comparative Analysis of AC/DC Micro-grids for Rural Electrification


Poster Session
Yusup Kamalov: Alternative Fresh Water Sources for Remote Settlements
Alireza Raghami: A Novel Control Strategy for Power Sharing Enhancement of an Inverter-Based Microgrid
Mitalee Gupta: Sustainable Energy Access for the Poor: A Means for Promoting Climate Change Adaptation of Communities
Daye Eom: System Analysis of Electricity Infrastructure Evolution Using Hybrid Method Simulation Tool
Andrés González–García: A Decision Support Model for Roadmaps Towards Sustainable Energy Universal Access for Policymakers and Utilities
Dominique Diouf: Exploring the Barriers to Impact Investing in the Sustainable Energy Area in West Africa

Friday, 11 April 2014

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Panel Discussion
Kate Steel (Google), Lesle Marincola (Angaza Design) and Michael Nique (GSMA): Innovating at the Nexus of Big Data and Energy Access


Realpe N.: How to  Scale Up Green Microfinance? A Comparative Study of Energy Lending in Peru
Pillarisetti S.: Microfinancing Decentralized Solar Energy Systems in India: Innovative Products through Group Approach
Da Silva I.: Innovative Energy Access for Remote Areas - The LUAV Light Up a Village Project

Verastegui A.: How Big is Small? Enough to not Breathe Oil! The Peruvian case of diesel-fuelled wick lamps for lighting
Lam N.: Characterizing Kerosene Demand for Lighting India and Evaluating the Impact of Measures Affecting Access and Dependence
AitkenR.: Night Fishing with Solar Powered LED Lights on Lake Tanganyika


Community Energy Supply
Kirchhoff H.: Identifying Hidden Resources in Solar Home Systems as the Base for Bottom - Up Grids
Muchunku C.:The Energy Centre Model - An Approach to Village Scale Energy Supply
Newell P.:Lessons from the Edge

Value Chain Analysis
Suresh K.: Advanced Solar Irrigation Scheduling for Sustainable Rural Development: A Case of India
Beermann H.: Value Chain Thinking and Energy Projects ­ - A Problem-Centred Value Chain Approach to Energy Based Upgrading of Rice Farmers in the Philippines
Batteiger A.: Towards a Waste Management System for Solar Home Systems in Bangladesh


Closing Events and Keynote
Insights from the Global North
Paul Savage (Nextek Power Systems): The Evolution of Distributed Electrical Power

Insights from the Global South
Dr. Rezwan Kan (UIU Bangladesh): Solar PV in Bangladesh: The Way Forward

Conference Summary