EnDev Indonesia Awareness Campaign Posters

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EnDev Indonesia launched an awareness campaign called “Light in Dark” in mid-2014. This included a social media presence, a direct “weekly energy message” email to selected subscribers and a series of inspiration posters. The aim of the campaign was to inspire the public about the key development role of rural electrification. The posters contain pictures and feature stories of rural electrification across the Indonesia to raise public awareness about current progress and the various impacts of rural electrification on people. Currently there are 17 posters have been produced describing stories from different parts of Indonesia. A postcard version of the posters was also designed and produced for easier dissemination at events.

Awareness Campaign PostCards

The postcards are shown in the table below:

EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_01 EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_02
EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_03 EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_04
EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_05 EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_06
EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_07 EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_08
EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_09 EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_10
EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_11 EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_12
EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_13 EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_14
EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_15 EnDev_Indonesia_Campaign_Postcard_16