Micro Perspectives for Decentralized Energy Supply - Conference 2013 Tuesday, February 26

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Conference Documentation - Tuesday, February 26th

Side Events

Mini Grids as New Market Opportunities: Experiences from Science and Private Sector

Industry Workshop in cooperation with GIZ

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Keynote Speech:

  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Kammen, IPCC, Professor in the Energy & Resources Group at the University of California and a climate advisor to the Obama Administration (Download)


Session 1: Market Potential and Status Quo

  • Blechinger: Hybrid Mini-Grids A Huge Market for Rural Electrification and Island Energy Supply (Download)
  • Franz: Success Factors for the Implementation of Mini Grids (Download)
  • Mehta: Solar Micro Grids Networks and Market Potential in India (Download)

Session 2: Business Models

  • Peterschmidt: Challenges and Successful Models of Private Sector Micro-Utilities (Download)
  • Shakya: A Community Managed Micro Hydro Connected Mini Grid in Nepal (Download)
  • Pigaht: Mini-Grids - A public-private balancing Act (Download)

Session 3: CAPEX and OPEX: Challenges towards Economic Feasibility for Mini Grids

  • Sanchez: Operating a Mini-Grid Profitably (Download)

Session 4: Implementation Choices: Tehcnologies and Project Cycles

  • Jochem: Mini-Grid Implementation Experience as a EPC Contractor (Download)
  • Szymczak: Smart Systems dor Solar Power Remote Off-Grid Implementation Examples (Download)

Policies for Financing Decentralized Energy Supply

Expert & Practitioner Workshop in cooperation with GIZ

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Diarra: Rural Electrification and the local Economic inteegtrate System in Mali (Download)
  • Eludoyin: Bridging the Macro and the Micro (Download)
  • Singh: Financing Energy MSME Challenges and Way Forward (Download‎)
  • Groh: Implementation Models ‎ (Download‎)
  • Pillarisetti:Microfinancing decentralized solar energy systems in India (Download‎)
  • Zingerle: PROSOL Program for the promotion of SWH in Tunisia (Download‎)
  • Sanyal: Policies supporting Microfinancing of Decentralized Energy Systems in India (Download)